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Adding languages to your Intercom Help Center instance
Adding languages to your Intercom Help Center instance
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Simplify the management of your Intercom Online Help articles with Locale. Unleash the power of simplicity in translation with designed to optimize project managers' efforts, this connector synchronizes published Intercom Online Help Articles and your dedicated translation systems seamlessly. Watch as your articles can automatically undergo automated localization steps to either MT engines, TMS systems, or directly to your LSP or translation agency, freeing your team to focus on strategy and growth.

What you’ll need to get started

  1. The login link for your Intercom instance.

    1. Note: This is provided to you by your Intercom account manager, support team, or contact person. If you are unsure of this information, please contact your system administrator or your Intercom representative.

Adding languages to your Intercom Help Center instance

It’s first necessary to add or enable the necessary target languages for your Intercom Help Center project, in your Intercom Help Center instance. Otherwise, Locale will not be able to process and place your translation content.

  1. Access your Intercom Help Center instance, and navigate to the Articles section using the menu on the left

  2. Choose the Settings > General > Supported Languages section, and navigate towards the Additional languages section. Select the + Add language button and choose from the available languages listed in the drop down menu

  3. When adding new languages to your Intercom Help Center, it’s also necessary to add a Page Title for each language in the Settings > Content > Header Content section. If this is not done, the page cannot be saved, and the languages will not be added to your Intercom Help Center instance.

  4. Note: This content cannot be accessed by Locale, and will not be translated in a Locale project. For more information on currently supported content types and limitations, please see our article on Prerequisites & limitations for the Intercom Help Center Connector

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